We create spaces and places that connect people to nature, to community, and to themselves.

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About Us

Small Giants Developments is a development company committed to reinventing our built environment in a way that enhances individual wellbeing, strengthens communities, promotes social and environmental sustainability. We are not only interested in creating homes and buildings; we are interested in creating a new way of being—one that inspires a richer, more meaningful experience for the inhabitant, and has a positive impact on the world we live in.

Our mandate is to focus on multi-residential human scale urban development (The Commons Brunswick),  as well as greenfield development (The Cape in Cape Paterson). In a nutshell, we’re working towards building and retro-fitting healthy and happy cities.


Our Vision

Buildings and public spaces change the way we feel—they can make us feel welcome and safe, or be disarming and uncomfortable. Our cities and towns must be designed to allow all individuals to flourish, to bring people together from all walks of life, and to leave the lightest footprint on our planet. 

Carbon positive vision

Our vision is for all Smalls Giants Developments
projects to be carbon positive by 2020.

By leading the way, we hope to educate and inspire the industry so that all new developments, industry-wide, are carbon positive by 2050.

zero waste philosophy

We live on and in a closed ecological system called planet Earth, where all waste from one process becomes food for another.

We aim to replicate this in our business and are working towards zero-waste to landfill construction sites across all projects.

300 Trees

By planting at least 300 trees for every home we are helping restore natural ecosystems and regenerating the timber we use for our buildings on site.

We ensure that the trees for each project are planted in a suitable habitat.

300 kilogram

To protect and preserve the coastlines our staff and clients enjoy, we remove at least 300 kilograms of coastal pollution every year.

We work with Clean Coast Collective to run beach clean ups and invite our residents and partners to join us.


“Our intention is to use the built environment to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, and to show how humans can live in harmony with nature and experience profound individual and social flourishing."

— berry liberman, creative director & co-founder

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