Our intention is to use the built environment to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, and to show how humans can live in harmony with nature and experience profound individual and social flourishing.
— Berry Liberman, Creative director & Co-founder, Small Giants Developments

The Commons Hobart is a seven-storey multi-residential building with 30 apartments (which we’re calling homes, because after all, you’ll be saying “I’m going home now” not “I’m going apartment now”), situated on the edge of Hobart’s CBD.

This is much more than an apartment block—it is a community of people wanting to live more meaningfully with each other and the natural world. 

The Commons Hobart is due for completion in 2020.


The Commons Hobart is now SOLD OUT and we're in the process of creating this new community for the residents. If you're interested in seeing what we're creating, please check out the downloads below.

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• built to belong •


The Commons Hobart is “a living building”—it’s carbon positive, meaning we do two important things. One, we minimise our carbon emissions. Two, we offset our carbon emissions. We minimise carbon by using low emissions concrete and recycled materials, we don't use stuff we don’t need, we install rooftop solar panels, and we adopt clever passive design and thermal mass. We offset carbon by certified means including but not limited to investment in Tasmanian old growth forests and investment in local renewable energy projects. All these activities are certified by our third party friends at Etool.  

It also promotes a more balanced state of wellbeing for the residents, with incredible outlooks to Mt Wellington, bountiful plant life, beautiful spaces for bringing people together and “extrovert” and “introvert” building entrances: one for when you want to see your neighbours and chat, the other for when you just want to get home and close the door.

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• inside your home •


Each apartment in The Commons Hobart has been thoughtfully designed to create a sense of beauty and belonging for the residents. With Tasmanian oak floorboards, brass fixtures, double glazed windows, hydronic heater and a clean palette for injecting your own personality to the space, the apartments work to bring the senses alive, inviting connection to the self and nature.

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• working with nature


The Commons Hobart is a 9 star, carbon-positive building. The timber exterior is black, don’t freak out, that’s not a mistake, it’s a centuries old Japanese technique called Shou-Sugi-Ban which is prized for it’s unique look, wood-preservation and durability in harsh weather climates. 

The project team is committed to using non-toxic building products such as varnishes and paints (allowing great, big, safe inhales and exhales when you get home), and recycled materials from the existing site. Thermally high performing with hydronic heating, the building incorporates natural warmth from the sun, and features solar panels, rooftop beehives producing The Commons Hobart Honey and tanks for capturing rainfall.

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• conscious community •


The Commons Hobart is a community of people committed to living in a more meaningful way—one where stories are shared over the communal dinner table, and connections are made while watering veggies on the rooftop garden.

The building is designed to consciously nourish residents and the community at large, encompassing a café (caffeine in AM and wines in the PM), retail space, rooftop studio, rooftop garden (and beehive—The Commons Honey for all!), communal dining space and communal laundry. Its magnificent northerly aspect receives so much direct sunlight that even on the coldest Hobart day, you’ll be warm as toast with a comfy seat by the window.

With lots of communal spaces—including a pocket park on the groundfloor with trees, plants and benches to sit on—the design of the building also encourages residents to connect with one another and become real neighbours (the kind where you can knock on their door and ask for flour, only to return two hours later because you got talking over a cup of tea).



• the place to be


The Commons Hobart is located at 126 Bathurst Street, just a short stroll to the mall and a 10-minute walk downhill (praise be) to Salamanca and the Waterfront.

With glorious views of Mount Wellington, and walking distance access to delicious cheese (thanks Truckle and Co), famous donuts (we’re looking at you Small Fry), local wine by the fire (chin chin New Sydney Hotel), and weekly farm goods (go you good thing Farmgate Market), The Commons Hobart is the perfect union of urban and nature living.