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The Commons Hobart


The Commons Hobart is a seven-storey multi-residential building with 30 apartments (which we’re calling homes, because after all, you’ll be saying “I’m going home now” not “I’m going apartment now”), situated on the edge of Hobart’s CBD.

This is much more than an apartment block—it is a community of people wanting to live more meaningfully with each other and the natural world. 

The Commons Hobart is due for completion in 2020.


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Past Projects


10 star home

In 2017 we decided to go hard or go home at our greenfield development The Cape (in Cape Paterson on the South-Eastern coast of Victoria). Our creative director Berry teamed up with Clare Cousins Architecture to design and build the first 10 star home in Victoria. Boom. And the best bit? The 10 star home is affordable and accessible! It was even featured on Better Homes and Gardens..


The Commons Brunswick

Our best known development, The Commons Brunswick, a 24 multi-residential building focused on sustainability and community was developed in partnership with Jeremy McLeod from Breathe Architecture (Jeremy and his crew went on to form Nightingale). The Commons Brunswick was completed in 2013 and was a rip-roaring success, winning awards for design and sustainability and we are proud as punch. 


Oxford & Peel

Come 2014 we were ready for our second development, Oxford and Peel in Collingwood, designed by the team at Jackson Clements Burrows Architecture. This building has 53 apartments, a communal rooftop space overlooking the city and two commercial spaces on the ground floor. Oxford and Peel was completed in 2016 and continues our philosophy of sustainable and community focused development.


The Cape is our eco village development at Cape Paterson in Victoria. We got super lucky with this site, it’s the last greenfield development right on the coast in Australia. While the site is large enough for 500 homes we're building a maximum of 220 environmentally friendly homes, allowing more space for veggie gardens, parkland and a shared community hub and event space. Not to mention the path all the way to the beach!



About Us

Small Giants Developments is part of the Small Giants family. Small Giants’ mission is to lead our community towards Empathy and a New Economy. That means we use business as a major tool for positive social and environmental change, and provide people with a meaningful pathway to live a life of passion and purpose. Small Giants Developments is our articulation of this mission in the built environment.

Our mandate is to focus on multi-residential and vertical development (think The Commons Brunswick) as well as focus on greenfield development, which is undeveloped land in a city or rural area being used for urban development (think The Cape). In a nutshell, we’re working towards building and retro-fitting healthy and happy cities.


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You can also register your interest for our latest project, The Commons Hobart. 

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